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We have specialy formulated products you will
soon come to love and not be able to get by without.

A breakthrough in cleaning technology which combines user safety with powerful cleaning performance. Contains non-hazardous components for outstanding cleaning.

We have agents nationally and international stocking our excellent Supco Brand products. Pleaser refer to our agent map for a agent in your area.

Our product can be used everywhere including your kitchen sink.

Product Line

New Product

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New Product

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UAV Cleaner

General Hobby cleaner


Broad Spectrum Waterless Sanitizing liquid


Anti-bacterial liquid hand soap

Mozi-Away MAX

Personal Care Formulations may be used as a spray on barrier to mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and mites. Generally used for its special repellency against insects.


Broad Spectrum Sanitizing liquid

SanChlor FH

High foam, chlorinated, alkaline liquid detergent.

SUP Floor & Tile

An effective broad spectrum sanitizing agent

SUP-Potent C

General purpose alkaline detergent

SUP50 Heavy Duty

Concentrated Alkaline degreaser

SUP20 Plus

General purpose alkaline detergent